Spa Manicure  
Spa Manicure gel color  
Mani French gel color  
Mani Rock Star gel color  
Spa Pedicure  

Trim your toe nails, re-shape, remove all death skin around cuticle, and clean up your bottom feet. Use moisturize lotion for your leg in massage minutes.

Spa gel Pedicure  
Deluxe Pedicure  

An upscale version of spa pedicure with callus treatment to take off all build up and soothe your heels at the same time, mask and protein lotion provide extremely hydration for your skin. Hot stones included in massage process.

Royal Pedicure  

This enhancement spa experience will create more enjoy entire time of pedicure with therapy oil and wax treatment which can improve blood flow, helping heal all cracking at the heels faster. Hot stones are also provided you with wonderful massage with a lot of improvement for your circulation.

Hot Stone Pedicure  

The upgrade from classic service with add-on scrub and callus treatment for gentle exfoliation to reduce rough, dry patches, and dead skin on your legs and feet as well as created a fresh feeling on your step. Hot stones in massage process helps improve your circulation and much more than relaxation.

Organic Pedicure  

The whole package treatment made with organic ingredients for you who has sensitive skin and nourish your skin as well. Hot stones will be acted as a type of heat therapy in massage strokes.

Pearl Pedicure  

Package treatment with grounded pearl mixed into products to nourish your skin. Hot stones included help to relieve tension, and relax muscle tissue, …

Jelly Pedicure  

Jelly treatment released toxin in your body in soaking process and open the pores for all treatments absorbed deeply and nourish your skin. Hot stones will be used for massage to reduce stress hormones, and decrease nerve compression, …

Regular Polish Change On Your Natural / Artificial FingerNails  
Regular Polish Change On Your Natural / Artificial ToeNails  
Gel Polish Change On Your Natural / ArtificialFingernails  
Gel Polish Change On Your Natural / Artificial ToeNails  


Sculpture Full Set  
Regular acrylic Full Set  
Reg. acrylic fill in  
Crystal acrylic Full Set  
Crys. nails fill in  
Pigment acrylic Full Set  
Pigm. acrylic fill in  
French tip Full Set  
Fren. tip fill in  
Glitter powder Full Set  
Gli. powder fill in  
Pink & White Full Set  
P&W BackFill  
Pink part fill gel top coat  
Pink & White ombre  
P & W ombre fill  
Builder gel Full Set  
Builder gel fill in  
Dipping new full set  
Dipping new full set with gel top coat  


Callus treatment  
Special shape / reshape for artificial nails  
Design tips use for artificial nails  
The Fading style for 1 color gel  
The Fading style for 2-3- ... colors gel  
Rock star gel fading style  
3D nail art  
Freehand design  
Rhinestone for nail design  
Shinny buffing  
1 artificial nail regular fixing  
French-style on the finger/toenails  


Full face  
Half arm  
Full arm  
Upper / Lower leg  
Full leg  
Back / Chest  


Pls note the eyelash-glue lasts until 14 days
Cluster New set  
Individual classic New set  
Fill After 5- 9 Days  
Individual Classic 2D / 3D / 4D / 5D New set  
Fill After 5- 9 Days  
2D / 3D / 4D / 5D / Drama volume New set  
3D / 4D / 5D / Drama volume fill after 5 - 9 days  


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